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1)  Selection and Choice - Hundreds of available products/options, including blouses, pants, skirts, dresses, and accessories.

2)  Superior Stitching On Hand Made Products - Hold our product and look closely at the item, you'll see it is stitched together for lasting durabilty, value, and appearance.  Your customers will see the difference.

3)  Order Response - We ship most orders within 48 hours of our receipt.  You never have to "wonder" when the order will arrive; call us and we'll get you the information you need.  With Braja you'll be able to track the order and KNOW when it will arrive. 

4)  Product Marketing - Receive marketing materials that help you communicate the value behind the Braja Products. . . sell our products on the basis of value and make more money.

You'll be pleased to know our apparel is produced in an employee friendly, safe and clean environment, using only the finest of fabrics that are chosen by one of our International Buyers.  Silky soft, sturdy fabrics are dyed in a variety of natural colors. Many of our pieces are finished with hand embroidery so no two are exactly alike.  We also employ expert tailors each with at least 10 years of experience ensuring that our clothing is ethically produced.

Learn More About What Makes Our Products So Much Better.

We hope wearing this comfortable, natural clothing will bring you happiness and joy.

*Please note: we do not sell directly to the public but we'll help you find a retailer in your area, simply click on the link to visit your nearest authorized dealer.

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